Post Graduate Certificate Course in Veterinary Homeopathy by Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU)

Homoeopathy has been a propounded system of treatment for animals as effective and efficacious in human beings since the time immemorial. Animals are treated homoeopathically for both acute and chronic conditions. Acute conditions include injuries.

Both physical and behavioural problems are treated. Physical problems include conditions of the skin such as eczemas, eye inflammations, allergies, cough,gastrointestinal disorders, urinary tract diseases including infections and diseases of the kidneys, diabetes, problems of liver and thyroid, diseases of the loco motor system, neurological complaints such as paralysis and epilepsy and hormonal disturbances.

More specifically cows and sheeps are treated for mastitis, calves for diarrhoea, pigs for respiratory difficulties and birds for eye infections.

There are many veterinarians in Kerala who practice Homoeopathy as an alternative treatment modality. The course is designed to meet the urgent demand of the day for those Veterinary graduates who would like to extend their knowledge in Homoeopathy as an alternative medicine.

Colorado State University

  1. Basic Principles and Philosophy of Homoeopathy CVH-1 Major 3+0
  2. Homoeopathic Pharmacy CVH-2 Major 3+0
  3. Repertory CVH-3 Major 3+0
  4. Homoeopathic Materia Medica CVH-4 Major 3+0
  5. Practice of Homoeopathy in Veterinary MedicineNo. of seats : flexible- Anticipating 100 seats

    82 doctors already completed the course, of which 20 doctors are from outside Kerala. 

    Applications invited for the second batch of Post Graduate Certificate Course in Veterinary Homeopathy by Kerala Veterinary University (KVASU) under  Technology Enabled (Distant) Learning Programmes- 2016.

    Eligibility : B.V.Sc and AH. Final year BVSc & AH students on elective basis can become a part of this course

    Duration: 6 months. During the period of study candidate has to attend contact classes for 5 days.

    Mode :Technology enabled distance learning.

    Department/School offering the programme:

    School of New Media and Research of Directorate of Entrepreneurship,KVASU.

    Total number of courses -5 ( 5 courses eachwith 3 credits)

    Total number of credits-15 per semester.

    Receipt of online Application begins 15.06.2016

    Last date of receipt of Application 14.10.2016

    Publishing Select list 17.10.2016

    Registration, Orientation, Classes begin 27.10.2016

    All candidates seeking admission for Technology enabled distant learning programmes should submit their applications on-line.

    Web :


    Contact: Dr. Bibu John Kariyil

    Email :


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