Kerala become the first state in India with hospitals of three systems (Homoeopathy, Ayurveda & Modern Medicine) in all the Panchayats and with more homoeopathy institutions

Kerala may become the first state India with medical establishments having three systems of medicines namely Modern Medicine, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy in all the village punchayaths by next year.

The state government has decided to set up homoeopathic medical institutions in 42 more village punchayaths where there are no homoeopathic hospital at present.

The lone punchayath which has no MM dispensary, Kottankara in Kollam district, will get one dispensary of MM in the next fiscal. With this, all the punchayaths in the state will have medical institutions of three systems working in full swing. Government has allocated adequate funds in the interim budget for establishing health centres to fill the gaps.

Considering the demands of the homoeopathic practitioners in Kerala, the government plans to strengthen the homoeopathic wing under the ISM department. Giving emphasis to set up research and development facilities in homeopathy, Rs.19.83 crore have been allocated in the budget for the purpose. Six homoeopathy  medical institutions will be upgraded in next one year. A separate department for homoeopathy is also under consideration.

The government has also plan to start 25 homoeopathic hospitals with In-patent facilities in various parts of the state in another one year. Out of this, 10 hospitals will be established in tribal areas. One thaluk homoeopathic hospital will be newly started and one dispensary will be up-gradated into the level of a 10 bedded hospital. INR.80 lakh has been set apart for this.

For the support and promotion of homoeopathy medical education, mainly for the development of the six homoeopathic medical colleges in Kerala, the government has given INR.9.9 crore in the budget.

The department of ISM has 127 hospitals, 815 dispensaries and 20 sub centres. The primary health centres, community health centres and hospitals of allopathic system include 1278 institutions.

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