Homeopathic medicine has a place in cancer treatment

The article starts out by stating “taking half measure is always the easy way out” and that is exactly what this article has done.

I think the writer, of which a person’s name is not listed, as well as the quoted “experts” should actually do some homework on homeopathic medicine and then back their comments with actually studies. Such as the study which was published in November 2014, funded by the Tuscany Region, established in 1998 for 15 years, 4,000 patients and concluded ” … that homeopathy can effectively integrate or, in some cases substitute allopathic medicine and that Tuscan example can be useful to the development of national or European rules on CM utilization.”

Or the studies by the National Institutes of Health as part of the Best Case Series for treatment of cancer and the National Cancer Institute which evaluated the Banerji protocols. They were later written as scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Look up Ruta 6ch homeopathic medicine and its positive results in brain cancer.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, showed four homeopathic remedies that were used for treating breast cancer and found to be as effective as some chemotherapy drugs, but without side effects. Look up Cuba and its amazing research and immunization against leptospirosis of millions of people.

Shame on you for calling yourselves journalists.

Diane Elms, Hagersville

Courtesy: http://goo.gl/6QnjlB cancer


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